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Sometimes, I like to think that the rest of the world cannot

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With all the time and effort devoted to the new downtown for, many good ideas and plans have resulted. I hope similarly good plans for Symphony Woods will result from the stakeholder discussions, hearings and multistep approval process currently ongoing.

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Working smoke alarms reduce the risk of dying in a home fire by at least half. However, as those following The Sun’s coverage know, the Baltimore Fire Department reported that the home where the four family members died actually had working smoke alarms.

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One has to be vetted and put on a short list of “acceptable” would be presidents. Without that vetting, candidates wind up like Steve Forbes or Ross Perot, slashed to pieces by the news media.. When making a winter salad, avoid cucumbers and tomatoes. Their watery, cooling qualities are better suited for use in warmer seasons.

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Children may also need to play a greater role and have a more regular presence in a parent’s care. But families can also discover their resilience and strength during this time. Not everyone agrees. Drugmakers are under the spotlight for the high prices charged for innovative medicines that require years of research not just older ones like EpiPen, whose active ingredient costs $1.

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Phipps representatives showed the nine members of the council’s Land Use Committee a video Tuesday night on the proposed operation. Phipps leaders have tried to alleviate neighbors’ concerns, saying that a berm with trees blocks noise and that a misting machine will keep down dust.

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