Kerala State
Handloom Development Corporation Ltd.


HANVEEV has a unique Handloom Processing House, a unit of K. S H D C Ltd, the same is equipped with latest technology based machineries suitable for bleaching/ dyeing of cotton/viscose yarn; bleaching/ dyeing / printing / finishing of cotton, viscose, polyester, linen and blended fabrics up to the finished width of 72���. Facilities available for imparting special finishes such as flame retardant / water repellent/ silicon/ stiff/ anti-crease/ anti-pilling/ glossy finishes and the overall fastness properties of dyed and printed fabrics are of high standards. The process house is maintaining its eco- friendly status by regular use of recently upgraded Effluent Treatment Plant.

LIST OF MACHINERIES AT H.P.H, CHIRAKKAL 1. STENTER Machine with heat setting provision 2. JT10 Jumbo Jigger-900kg capacity 3. Jiggers – 8 Nos of 100 Kg capacity each 4. Winch ��� 60 Kg capacity 5. Calendaring Machine – 7 bowl 6.�� Zero-zero Pre Shrinking Range 7. Polymerizer 8.���� Cylinder Drying Range 9. Jet Dyeing Machine for Polyester dyeing 10. Cabinet Yarn���� Dyeing 50KG -2 Nos 11. Yarn Drying Machine – 300 Kgs 12. Hydro Extractor -35kg 13. Computerized Design Lab 14. Table Screen Printing

Service support facility of Process House

1 . 2 tone capacity Steam Boiler

2. 1000u Thermo Pac Boiler

3.�� 160 KVA D.G.SET