Kerala State
Handloom Development Corporation Ltd.

The Kerala State Handloom Finance Corporation was established in 1968 with the objective of supporting the handloom weavers of Kerala on financial matters. Later it was changed to ‘Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Limited (HANVEEV) during …….with the purpose being to cover the additional objective of supporting weavers in their manufacturing activities and marketing their products.
HANVEEV is a brand name trusted by all for its unique expertise in hand weaving to Kannur (Cannanore) district – northern part of Kerala State of INDIA, a land known world wide for its traditional textile designs and skilled craftsmanship. Dedicated weavers and quality works of art in textiles has earned (HANVEEV) goodwill in the international market as genuine manufacturer.
The corporation was cialis 20mg prix set up in 1968, had a gradual growth and established in the field of traditional handloom weaving, with the favorable support of State and Central Government of INDIA, HANVEEV took up the task of primary objective of preserving this ancient craft, and protecting its dependents from the threat of power looms/ fully automatic looms / machineries.