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On this year’s vacation, remember to put yourself on the top

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The Flex is a Bluetooth Smart Ready device, meaning its wireless connection consumes very little power a huge bonus for on the go users and a big differentiator from competitors like the Jawbone UP. It offers people the flexibility to sync their data without needing to plug into a computer or phone. It’s incredibly easy to sync, requiring only that the FitBit app to be open and the device to be nearby..

We are in the air again! My adrenaline is going full steam. It always is when it comes to the adventure of travel. Orchid, our pooch, is lying at my feet sound asleep without a care, Shelly is next to me reading the novel, Sandstorm, by Alan l. We meet Violet in a neighborhood just outside St. Paul, Minnesota. The pretty blonde married young.

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A velvet kimono top cinched with a tight leather belt could pair with skinny jeans for day and just as easily over a languid black dress for evening. Case in point: the ultracool denim with floor grazing open flare was styled with a fitted velvet trenchcoat, a casual quilted military jacket and the designer own outfit for the day. Basically designing for myself, for everything that I need.

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