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Garcia told reporters a “special” message from Olazabal before

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Replica Handbags No major winner has had to wait so long.Garcia told reporters a “special” message from Olazabal before the tournament had helped inspire him.”Jose sent me a text on Wednesday night telling me how much he believed in me. And what I needed to do, believe in myself, to be calm and not let things get to me that I’ve done in the past,” added Garcia, who made his Masters debut as an amateur in 1999, the year of Olazabal’s second win.Sergio Garcia of Spain celebrates after defeating Justin Rose of England on the first playoff hole”Jose Mara’s message was very special because he’s my idol. He’s one him and Seve are both my golfing idols since I was very, very little.”Obviously he did mention a couple of things that touched my heart a little bit. Replica Handbags

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