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Dobuchu was originally credited as her YouTube username

So much so that Word of God by Ed Greenwood on Candlekeep says they’re two of the best in the Realms. Merger of Souls: Crenshinibon, an Artifact of Doom taking the form of a crystal shard (from whence the first book of The Icewind Dale Trilogy gets its name), was formed from a ritual that merged the souls of seven liches. Upon its destruction in Servant of the Shard the souls are apparently separated and pass on. Perhaps the 49ers bye week came just in time. After two consecutive weeks with touchdowns, Davis regressed in every aspect in week five, except how much the offense counts on him. His targets keep increasing, and so must his production. Absent Aliens: Downplayed, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Orcs/Trolls are all present in varying degrees but not to a huge amount due to the setting. The first two start off as purely elven and dwarven forces, however the more you expand, the more you need Mannish forces to protect your lands, especially as you can only recruit Men outside of your homelands. Plus there is a game mechanic allowing you to settle Men in your homelands themselves, potentially allowing you to play this trope straight.

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