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1 million, and The Kings Speech with $11

Now if you going to randomly explode into a violent rage one day, I would suggest choosing a target that enjoys more universal hatred. The IRS (or whatever your local tax agency is) will do nicely. Al Qaeda is always good. Romney was third worst in job creation, just not good enough, Cain, this guy wants to raise taxes on 80% of America, while introducing a new form of taxation upon us. Why raise taxes in a downturn, why give the future Pelosi’s a sales tax to jack up on us. Perry will reduce our taxes, balance the budget, and create good paying jobs. The real trick is going to be this upcoming weekend. Last year, the number one film was The Rite with a decent $14.7 million on its opening weekend. (It went on to make roughly $33.1 million in the domestic box office and $96.0 worldwide.) It was followed by the stronger than expected No Strings Attached with $13.4 million, The Mechanic with $11.4 million, The Green Hornet with $11.1 million, and The Kings Speech with $11.0 million. What I learned from this simple statement is that to change my life I must change my filter or how I view life. In taking such action, I am now more inclined to look at the what ifs or the possibilities. I will no longer be guided by the limitations of past experiences that influence current and future choices.

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